Dear Valued Customer,

ZenFi was established in 2014, but the team behind our company has been operating in this industry for over 20 years.  After successfully building and selling a dark fiber network, Lexent Metro Connect, my partners and I took a look at what was next on the horizon.  We’ve spent years building and maintaining networks for others and ourselves and pondered the evolution of the fiber network.  We understood the inherent value of fiber and always prided ourselves as being a neutral underlying value-added services provider to others.  How could we continue to leverage that model in a new and exciting way?

The realization soon dawned on us: dark fiber provides limitless capacity, so why can’t we transfer that limitless capacity to the cloud and help enable the proliferation of the devices we use in our daily lives?  How is it in this day and age, you can still drop a call in Manhattan?  Why are video services more susceptible to jitter and latency on tablets than they are on wired computers?  What can we do, on the physical layer, to help enable the Internet of Things?  Our answer: we can build a new, better network: the ZenFi carrier-neutral dark fiber network.

Initially, some may not understand the difference between a legacy network and the ZenFi network.  They may believe that fiber is fiber and as long as it is in the ground, it’s useful.  But it’s not.  Our team has spent our entire careers building networks, and we know better than anyone that having a cable in the ground is only as useful as the path it traverses and the access to it – like an express lane on highway with no on- or off-ramps.  It’s great to get to major locations quickly, but it’s useless if you need to get off anywhere along the way.  Legacy networks have been built in this manner for years because there hasn’t previously been an application such as IoT that requires high density and access.

Our team wanted to build a new network, we wanted to reinvent the fiber world; that’s why we created the first Access Network in New York City.  Our Access Network, combined with a more traditional Express Network, creates the most flexible and scalable dark fiber network in the city today.  New York needs a new network, and ZenFi has decided to build it.  Our vision is a city laden with Access Network fiber to support DAS, small cell and macro sites designed to enhance the wireless carrier network so that the IoT can become a reality.

We hope you’ll give us a call and leverage our network to deliver service to your customers.

 President and CEO

90 white Street • New York • New York • 10013