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Cross River Fiber and Zenfi Networks R2

Ray LaChance, CEO of ZenFi and Enzo Clemente, CEO of Cross River Fiber join together for an interview with JSA TV at ITW 2018. Watch to learn more about our planned merger to connect our networks together and provide a unique infrastructure.


Panel: Connectivity to Anywhere – Under the Asphalt and beyond Buildings

ZenFi CEO Ray LaChance participated in a panel session at this year’s DE-CIX NY Summit, which brought together some of telecom’s top leaders and innovators to discuss the current landscape, issues and developments facing the New York metro area peering industry. The panel, “Connectivity to Anywhere – Under the Asphalt and Beyond Buildings,” also featured Cliff Kane, CEO, Cleareon, and Shrihari Pandit, CEO, Stealth Communications, as well as moderator Monica Link, the Editor of New York City Wired. The event was streamed live by Internet Society New York Chapter (ISOC-NY) in association with NYC Mesh. Listen as Ray discusses the hurdles that mobile wire carriers are facing in New York City, and how ZenFi is continually working to address and overcome these challenges.



Walter Cannon, Vice President at ZenFi and Gary Audin recorded this podcast at INCOMPAS 16. This podcast discusses the near-net capabilities of ZenFi and their support in New York City. A major value of working with ZenFi is their existing ability to use the rights-of-way through conduit and on poles thereby reducing the network CAPEX especially for wireless providers, both Wi-Fi and cellular. The same is true for enterprises that want to connect to data centers. In both cases, ZenFi can expand the coverage area and bandwidth with vendor neutral fiber facilities.

Near-Net Networks
April 21, 2016
Listen to the Podcast Here.



ZENFI – Super-Dense Fiber Rollout Across NYC

ZENFI is in the process of deploying over 400 route miles of high-density fiber cabling across all five boroughs of New York City.

Walter Cannon explains how this super-dense fiber infrastructure will deliver carrier-neutral capacity to any buildingi n the city,