Fiber is ubiquitous and can be used to support a multitude of applications.  The ZenFi team has witnessed the evolution of fiber networks, from supporting broadband Internet transmissions to HD video and Cloud applications.  We see the next evolution in fiber networks supporting the Internet of Things (IoT), which is why we’ve focused on building a fiber network that is flexible and future-proof.  With fiber, the possibilities are endless, so why limit its footprint to today’s technology requirements?  The ZenFi Access and Express Networks were built with the future in mind.

Vertically integrated, in-house design and construction ZenFi teams have extensive local knowledge and experience providing fast and cost-effective connectivity to both on- and off-net buildings in and around New York City.  The teams’ long-established working relationships with major colocation providers help customers in need of integrated solutions within the New York metro area develop and execute strategic connectivity solutions quickly, easily and effectively.  Additionally, ZenFi backhaul connectivity can be used for backhaul between carrier hotels as well as between remote sites, such as cell towers, and carrier hotels.

Whether it’s serving enterprises looking to add wholesale telecom services onto their office network, or carriers wanting to push services out to the enterprise, ZenFi is able to assist through the delivery of a network that effectively facilitates the movement of services between providers and end-users.