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ZenFi provides Fronthaul Fiber and passive Wavelength Services, facilitating the wireless community’s desire to shift baseband processing from antenna sites to hub locations.  Neutral hosts and mobile wireless carriers experience difficulty in getting the necessary connectivity to support fronthaul technologies with legacy fiber networks.  However, the ZenFi purpose-built fronthaul architecture was designed and constructed with wireless providers in mind.  Our Access Network  is robust enough to support any number of remote nodes.  Unlike traditional fiber providers who must retrofit their networks in order to provide the fiber density necessary to deploy robust wireless networks, the ZenFi network has ample capacity and reach to generate cost-effective fronthaul connectivity. fronthaul-fiber ZenFi fronthaul connectivity can be used for any-to-many applications required by today’s enterprises or service providers looking to aggregate remote service points with high-bandwidth connectivity.  We make it our mission to work with customers individually, developing unique, customized solutions to meet their specific applications and needs.

Light Footprint Macro Site

Companies with multiple locations require a macro site backhaul strategy that can efficiently and cost-effectively enable the full integration of both their wireless and core networks. Historically, enabling this multi-site backhaul connectivity meant relying on multiple traditional macro sites, each with its own base stations connecting back to one core carrier hub.  The result was a highly dispersed and costly model that hindered companies’ speed of network deployment and required substantial upfront capital investments for leasing, power and backhaul, as well as costly ongoing equipment maintenance. LFMS ZenFi has developed a Light Footprint Macro Site model to provide wireless carriers with an alternative and innovative any-to-many strategy that reduces costs while simultaneously enabling them to efficiently expand their networks through the use of Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) and base station hoteling.  The ZenFi model aggregates multiple macro sites via fronthaul fiber connectivity to strategically located base station hotels, which in turn connect back to carrier hubs over traditional backhaul networks. The ZenFi Light Footprint Macro Site enables carriers to replace costly base stations at the macro site with less expensive, smaller RRHs connected back to a core base station hotel via fiber. This ZenFi solution replaces several hundred macro sites – each with their own base stations housed in rented space with power requirements – with a lower volume of base station hotels within a specific metro area market.  Each base station hotel provides customers with fully equipped colocation (including space and power) to support their needs alongside dedicated fiber interconnecting each macro site, antennas and RRHs to support communication needs.


Distributed Antenna System (DAS) architecture requires fronthaul fiber to connect remote indoor and outdoor DAS nodes back to an aggregation Point of Presence (PoP), where the processing of the radio network occurs.  ZenFi specializes in delivering fronthaul fiber to these nodes, and then connecting the aggregation points with our customized backhaul fiber network back to a central carrier hotel.DAS

High-capacity carrier hotel terminations

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Colo provider service integration

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