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ZenFi provides backhaul fiber and passive wavelength connectivity to all major colocation facilities throughout the New York metro area, as well as to macro sites, small cells and Wi-Fi nodes.  ZenFi’s backhaul solutions connect carrier and enterprise aggregation points back to their core network facilities and common carrier services collocated at carrier hotels.  For applications that require redundant path backhaul, ZenFi delivers the necessary infrastructure and services with no single point of failure.


Unlike legacy fiber providers who built out carrier hotel connections piecemeal over time, ZenFi took a new approach and has developed our network by implementing multiple diverse paths with high-density carrier hotel terminations at the on-set in order to provide robust backhaul connectivity.  ZenFi’s Express network is designed to support our carrier and enterprise customers with ample capacity and diversity, whether they require one fiber pair or dozens.

Traditional Macro Site

Macro site connectivity solutions require direct access to fiber networks that deliver a connection from the macro site back to the core carrier hub.  The ZenFi Access Network provides carriers and neutral hosts a full range of flexible deployment options when considering implementation of new macro sites.  The ZenFi model allows for the traditional macro site to evolve into a light footprint location through the use of Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) and base station hoteling.  To learn more about ZenFi Light Footprint Macro Site solutions, click here.


Today’s consumers want high quality Internet access anytime, anywhere, on any device.  According to recent mobility reports, nearly 70 percent of mobile data traffic traverses Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones and tablets.  To meet this growing demand, mobile operators must deploy cost-effective wireless backhaul solutions to increase capacity and offload traffic – a feat that is easier said than done within dense urban environments such as New York City.


The ZenFi Access Network  and widely distributed wireless equipment interconnection and colocation model brings Wi-Fi access points closer to the mobile data user. The ZenFi dense fiber optic network footprint allows carrier-grade backhaul connectivity to deliver bandwidth-intensive mobile traffic to major interconnection facilities in the New York metro area efficiently and cost-effectively.

Small Cell

Small cell technology is an ideal solution to increasing broadband traffic in high-traffic areas that lack sufficient coverage from cell towers, such as business districts, shopping centers and stadiums.  Today, many carriers and service providers struggle with the challenge of accessing the right network infrastructure in their required coverage area.  Compounding the issue in a major metro such as New York City is the cost of deploying a wholly-owned fiber network or leveraging a traditional fiber provider who must retrofit its network in order to provide the fiber density these deployments require.


The ZenFi carrier-neutral Access Network  provides a cost-effective and readily available solution for aggregating and connecting high-capacity small cell clusters to our redundant fiber backhaul network as well as all major colocation facilities throughout the New York metro area. ZenFi enables customers to enhance wireless coverage in spotty areas, delivering more capacity and lightning-fast speeds to help address the mobile broadband traffic growth of today, and tomorrow.

High-capacity carrier hotel terminations

Local knowledge with 70 years’ experience operating in the New York Metro

Redundant paths for high availability and redundancy

Colo provider service integration

In-house last-mile deployment team