The Network

The ZenFi carrier-neutral dark fiber network combines a unique metro Access Network with a core carrier Express Network to deliver the immense bandwidth required to support wireless densification.

High-bandwidth connectivity to mobile communication antennas is a critical component for the enablement of wireless densification.  Many industry observers believe that fiber is fiber – as long as it’s in the ground, it’s useful.  Thus, they believe a fiber-rich city like New York is well-suited to support wireless densification bandwidth requirements.  However, true technologists understand that not all fiber networks are built equally.  The reality is that cable in the ground is only as useful as the path it traverses and the available access to it.  Without access, fiber is like an express lane on a highway with no on- or off-ramps.  It’s great to get between major hubs in large cities, but without access, a fiber network is useless if you need to get off anywhere along the way — just like a highway without exits.  Legacy networks in New York City have been built as expressways, not suitable to support the densification requirements of wireless carriers. The ZenFi Access Network expands the expressways by increasing the number of on- and off-ramps to the locations our customers want to reach in order to provide access everywhere.

Access Network Express Network

To satisfy the growing need for high bandwidth everywhere, ZenFi has built our revolutionary carrier-neutral dark fiber network in New York City, the first of its kind deployed specifically to support densification. Combining our Access Network, built to support widely distributed wireless equipment interconnection and colocation, with our Express Network route linking New York’s largest neutral data centers, carrier hotels and enterprise locations, ZenFi addresses the challenge of deploying fiber-to-the-antenna in a dense urban environment.  The ZenFi Access Network parallels our Express Network to provide both the access and backhaul capacity needed to support wireless densification.

IoT is here to stay, driving fiber-to-the-antenna, fiber-to-the-home, fiber everywhere – or as we like to say, “Any Pair. Anywhere.TM”  The ZenFi carrier-neutral dark fiber network makes our vision of a city laden with open access fiber to support Distributed Antenna System (DAS), small cell, and macro sites designed to enhance wireless carrier network capabilities.