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Learn more about how we support evolving technologies throughout the New York and New Jersey Metro Region with Innovative Network Architecture Solutions that enable the Wireless, Wholesale and Enterprise Communities.

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    30-40 48th Avenue
    Long Island City, NY 11101


    Interested in hearing more and meeting the team? Come join us at our headquarters in Long Island City, NY! We love meeting our partners in person, and there’s nothing better than taking a first-hand look at the infrastructure connecting our communities. We look forward to connecting.

    Supporting Customers

    ZenFi Networks believes in providing the highest level of service to its customers.

    However, if a customer is dissatisfied with its service and does not receive what it believes is an appropriate response from ZenFi Networks, then the customer may contact the New York State Department of Public Services by phone on its HELPLINE (800-342-3377) or online at its complaint webpage,

    Featured Product: Wireless Siting

    Siting solutions for a wide array of wireless applications, tailored to your network deployment


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      Our Mission

      ZenFi Networks is dedicated to meeting the growing demand for next generation network access in the New York and New Jersey metro region with the most innovative communications infrastructure solutions delivered with unmatched support, problem solving and expertise. As part of the BAI Communications group our mission extends around the world, connecting people across the USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Ireland and Hong Kong.
      Ray LaChance

      Co-founder & CEO of ZenFi Networks

      “I always tell our team – ‘our job is to solve problems for our customers’. One of the biggest problems out there is lack of available siting and connectivity to support 5G infrastructure. It’s our job to work with our customers and our communities to identify and deploy sharable infrastructure that solves network problems for our customers with minimal disruption and optimal benefit to our communities.”