Edge Connectivity

powering communities with connectivity

Mobile densification, network convergence and 5G latencies are driving demand for conditioned colocation space at the network edge. ZenFi Networks’ Edge Colocation facilities provide a cost effective solution for mobile providers

The future of the digital world is at the edge

As our world continues to become more connected, and compute processing is delivered closer to the edge, networks need more on and off ramps to deliver data closer to the user. Our Network Edge Colocation facilities are geographically dispersed to cover the greatest population density, while meeting the latest in 5G latency specifications.

ZenFi Networks’ aggregation solutions are a cost-effective way to bridge the gap between a signal source and end-user traffic in dense environments.  Our network edge connectivity solutions are helping MVNOs, OTTs and public Wi-Fi vendors to minimize end-user latency and keep up with ever increasing wireless demands. Our teams leverage both private and leased Network Edge Colocation facilities, in conjunction with fronthaul fiber and wireless siting, to deliver turn key edge solutions that meet the latency and bandwidth requirements of our customers.


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