Fiber Optic Network Solutions

powering communities with connectivity

ZenFi Networks’ fiber optic network was built with unique, high-capacity, highly accessible cabling systems to meet demand for wireless, wholesale and large enterprise applications.

Total Fiber Optic Ecosystem

Our fiber optic network reaches out from network edge colocation sites throughout the region to create a Neighborhood Networks.

Our fronthaul fiber optic network reaches out from network edge colocation sites throughout the region to create what we refer to as A Network of Neighborhood Networks.

In addition to being purpose-built for wireless applications, our fiber optic network is ideal for wholesale carriers and large enterprise businesses seeking point-to-point solutions between buildings or data centers, private fiber networks, access to cloud connectivity – all delivered via Dark Fiber or Lit technologies.


ZenFi Networks designed its fiber network architecture to support evolving C-RAN across its footprint. At the core of that infrastructure lies our purpose-built fronthaul fiber network. The network employs a custom-built, integrated fiber and duct assembly, designed by ZenFi Labs — which intelligently disaggregates our fiber network to allow accessibility for our customers when and where they need it. Our fronthaul fiber network decreases our customers’ time to market and ensures future capacity for network expansion.


ZenFi Networks understands the importance of core connectivity within a digital infrastructure platform. Reaching out and touching end points is only as valuable as your ability to aggregate those points, bringing them back to the core of your network. ZenFi Networks’ backhaul network interconnects our Network Edge Colocation facilities with our network of neighborhood networks into a regional platform capable of supporting traditional wholesale and enterprise applications, as well as next generation edge compute and caching needs.


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