Network Connectivity

powering communities with connectivity

ZenFi Networks built its network to support C-RAN and “C-RAN like” industry solutions. Our network architecture features a high capacity fronthaul fiber network linking thousands of wireless siting locations, interconnected by network edge colocation facilities, and powered by a core backhaul network.

Innovative solutions with trusted results

Connecting is what we do at ZenFi Networks. We built our network with that in mind, and that mindset carries over to custom builds and private networks as well. Our network boasts fast turn up times and provides access to all major colocation facilities in the region.

ZenFi Networks specializes in private fiber networks for all types of businesses as well as the wholesale market. We offer Dark Fiber, Ethernet or Optical Wavelength transport options for customers seeking enhanced privacy, security, scalability and peace of mind.

ZenFi Networks’ connectivity solutions are based on innovative fronthaul and backhaul architecture with a dense fiber footprint that also include data center connectivity and point to point options. Cloud Connectivity and out of market connectivity are also supported by ZenFi Networks’ network at the wholesale level.


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