Network Edge Colocation Centers

powering communities with connectivity

Our Network Edge Colocation centers comprise a dense network of facilities throughout NYC and NJ, providing a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for mobile and wholesale carriers, CDNs, and internet exchanges looking to aggregate traffic closer to end users.

Providing the Edge Where You Need It

ZenFi's Network Edge Colocation Centers comprise a dense network of facilities throughout New York City and New Jersey.

ZenFi’s Network Edge Colocation Centers are an integral part of our purpose-built, 5G-ready digital infrastructure. These facilities are designed to accommodate ultra-densification of mature 4G LTE networks and the ultra-low latency needs of next generation networks. Mobile network operators, CDNs, wholesale providers, and internet exchanges can utilize our densely deployed aggregation facilities throughout the New York and New Jersey metro region to aggregate traffic, collocate baseband processing, and provide caching at the network edge.

In these dense urban environments, we understand that data aggregation can present pricing and logistical problems, regardless of whether you are in or out of market. ZenFi Networks’ network edge colocation solutions were built to overcome those obstacles by helping you save on space and power.

Our network edge colocation sites can be leveraged as individual products, or as part of our turnkey mobile solutions in conjunction with fronthaul fiber and wireless siting. Our team will work closely with you to design and deploy solutions within existing network edge colocation facilities, or will identify, purchase, and build out greenfield facilities to suit your needs.


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