ZenFi Networks Nominated for Best Regional Carrier

August 6, 2019 — ZenFi Networks, an innovative leader of communications infrastructure solutions in the New York and New Jersey metro regions, announces today that it has been shortlisted for the Best Regional Carrier award in The Carriers World Awards 2019. The winners of this year’s awards will be decided by the votes of industry peers and customers. Voting is open now and closes on Friday, August 30.

As a regional fiber infrastructure leader, ZenFi Networks developed a truly innovative network that solves the infrastructure challenges associated with a 5G future, delivering the best of both capacity and accessibility that meets the demand for next-generation network access. As a locally owned and operated communications infrastructure company in the region, ZenFi Networks provides enterprise, carrier, and wireless network operators with next generation communications infrastructure solutions, accommodating support services, nimble problem solving and world-class experience.

The Carriers World Awards were created to celebrate entities in the telecommunications sphere that are successfully and dynamically innovating and delivering services to keep pace with evolving customer demands. These awards are unique in the industry due to the fact that the winners are not selected by a panel of judges, instead being decided by popular vote.

To vote for ZenFi Networks for the Best Regional Carrier award, please click here.

About ZenFi Networks:

ZenFi Networks is an innovative wholly-owned and operated communications infrastructure company focused on enabling fiber optic network, edge data centers and wireless siting solutions in the NY-NJ metro region. As the area’s most experienced communications infrastructure builders, ZenFi Networks has an unparalleled reputation for efficiently architecting, and delivering solutions that enable the future of 5G and wireless applications for Enterprise, Wholesale and Wireless Operator clients. Providing both dark fiber, lit and custom solutions, ZenFi Networks is at the forefront of fiber architecture innovation and a critical part of the 5G ecosystem in one of the biggest, most important markets in the world. For more information, please visit: www.zenfi.com.

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