ZenFi Networks’ VP of Wireless Shares Next Generation Knowledge to Become 5G Ready

In a recent Pipeline podcast exclusive, Vice President of Wireless Solutions for ZenFi Networks, Andy Penley, was interviewed about the infrastructure required to harness the power of next generation wireless networks and the 5G revolution. Andy oversees all aspects of ZenFi Networks’ wireless solutions and is spearheading continuous innovation and product design within the wireless market. He is a mobile technology industry veteran with over 23 years of experience managing teams that design, build and operate complex, constantly evolving mobile communications networks for large mobile network operators and neutral host infrastructure providers.

Penley explains that 5G, the fifth generation of mobile network standards, will deliver multi-gigabit speeds, increased availability, greater reliability and massive network capacity. He acknowledges, however, there is a lot of progress that needs to be made in the way of underlying infrastructure to support 5G technology. This new era of networking requires a fundamentally different type of network infrastructure and revolutionizing yesterday’s architectures demands a lot of collaborative work.

Penley goes on to say that as these foundations develop to support the 5G future, it is important that all parties, infrastructure providers, communities, citizens, and policymakers alike, understand what it will take to make network densification a reality. Particularly, ensuring that all parties understand the process and implications for communities, is crucial for streamlining deployments. Penley details the 5G build out and the innovative future it supports while explaining that it will improve the lives of individuals, communities and economies everywhere, enabling access to life changing capabilities.

Educating communities and decision makers and evolving cooperatively is key, Penley asserts.  At its core, 5G is meant to connect everything everywhere in a way that empowers innovation and improves nearly all facets of day-to-day life. It is also a critical step for ensuring we can keep up with the expanding data demands that are being driven by rapid digitization.

With this new generation of devices and applications that can be thoroughly connected, the massive amounts of data that run through and between them can move faster and at higher volumes. This is the data transport and processing foundation that will enable driverless cars, smart cities and beyond. But more than that, it will enable applications that make individual lives easier, safer, and perhaps even more enjoyable.

In the next installment of the series, read how Andy Penley sees applications for this network transformation.

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