Network Infrastructure Products

Powering communities with connectivity

The Building Blocks for Our Digital Future

Wireless Siting

We provide siting solutions for a wide array of wireless applications in support of the mobile and fixed wireless communities.

Offload & Roaming

ZenFi Networks offers roaming, offload and custom network solutions across our virtual network infrastructure in the New York metro.

Fiber Optic Networks

ZenFi Networks high-capacity, high-accessibility fiber network can be leveraged at every manhole our network traverses bringing you the best of capacity and accessibility.

Powering our communities with connectivity means building robust infrastructure.

Zenfi Networks powers communities with connectivity by building robust infrastructure. Constantly future-proofing.

Today’s world requires robust wireless networks to power advances in technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), telemedicine, autonomous vehicles, remote schooling and more. Our teams work with customers to tailor a suite of products and services to meet their unique architectural needs. ZenFi Networks understands that enabling a 5G ecosystem goes far beyond a fiber connection and that’s why we’re constantly looking toward the future. We developed a suite of products that, together, form the underlying infrastructure needed for our customers to succeed.

Whether your organization is searching for data center connectivity, network aggregation, customized wireless deployments, or a dedicated private network, ZenFi Networks has the solutions you need to get your network up and running quickly and reliably.

Featured Product: Wireless Siting

Siting solutions for a wide array of wireless applications, tailored to your network deployment.


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