Small Cell Siting Solutions

powering communities with connectivity

Small Cells are designed to service localized subscribers in close proximity to the cell location, while providing additional network capacity and filling coverage gaps in high traffic and urban environments.

Small Cells, Big Impact

ZenFi Networks Small Cell Siting Solutions serve localized subscribers in close proximity to the cell location.

ZenFi Networks Small Cell Siting Solutions

4G and 5G Network deployments rely on small cells – low-powered, short-range antennas that transmit data across a small geographical area. As we migrate towards 5G, small cells will be deployed closer together to account for the shorter distance these radio waves typically travel.

ZenFi Networks specializes in siting of small cell installations. Our wireless solutions team can work with customers to design a deployment plan that leverages existing wireless sites, or to identify and site greenfield locations. We leverage existing street poles and utility poles throughout the region. When an existing site isn’t available or suitable, our team will install new infrastructure to meet the RF requirements of our customers.

The ZenFi portfolio of siting solutions includes:

  • ZenFi Owned Infrastructure
  • Street Furniture Siting
  • Municipal and Utility Owned Infrastructure

We offer colocation opportunities across our entire footprint, giving our customers a leg up on speed to market with power and fiber already deployed to the site. Our partnership in CityBridge, through the LinkNYC program, provides access to thousands of existing kiosks locations throughout NYC, as well as thousands of regional greenfield kiosks locations.

We are a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC), hold a Mobile Telecom Franchise (MTF), and Information Services Franchise with New York City, and have hundreds of existing agreements in place with municipalities and utilities across New York and New Jersey that allow for installation of wireless equipment on pole tops. To learn about colocation opportunities, contact us.


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