Wireless Siting

powering communities with connectivity

ZenFi Networks offers a range of wireless siting options for mobile, wholesale and enterprise applications. Our portfolio includes small cell siting on utility, municipal, and private poles, tower siting and deployment, and point-to-point or point-to-multi-point wireless connectivity.

Small Cell Siting

ZenFi’s team, including RF engineers, site acquisition, real estate specialists, and network deployment groups, work closely with mobile operators to solve coverage and capacity needs. Our siting options include greenfield deployments as well as third party attachments. No matter the area, ZenFi’s solutions team can provide small cell siting

Tower Siting

ZenFi Networks builds and operates tower structures to support wireless deployments. Our site acquisition and real estate teams work with municipalities on zoning and consent, and our construction team has collectively deployed thousands of towers in the U.S. Our team works collaboratively with customers to solve for technology and site specific challenges.

Wireless needs wires

ZenFi Networks has been building infrastructure in support of mobile and fixed wireless applications since inception. We work with our customers to tailor deployments that leverage our robust infrastructure, in combination with optimal wireless siting, to provide an end-to-end network solution. With an extensive offering of wireless siting products, our team of RF engineers works closely with customers to identify the ideal siting locations and structures to meet the network requirement.

Our Mobile Telecom Franchise (MTF) agreement with the City of New York enables ZenFi Networks to install and operate telecom equipment atop streetlight, traffic light and utility poles to facilitate wireless communications anywhere in New York City’s five boroughs. Our partnership with CityBridge in the LinkNYC Program provides an additional siting opportunity for Mobile Telecom Franchisees, Mobile Network Operators, and Wireless Service Providers to deploy proprietary small cell radios across thousands of kiosks locations throughout New York City.

ZenFi Networks is are a registered Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and works closely in public private partnership to deliver critical infrastructure throughout our communities. With existing agreements in place with all major utility companies throughout the New York and New Jersey metro region, these relationships allow us to deploy wireless siting solutions that drive efficiency while expanding product offerings and increasing Customer’s ROI.

ZenFi Networks supports mobile and fixed wireless providers throughout the region. Whether deploying small cells, IoT devices, microwave dishes, macro cells or more, ZenFi Networks can provide siting solutions that fit within your network while offering complimentary products of network connectivity and aggregation for an end-to-end solution.


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